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 #800  by odin
 23 Jun 2016 16:57
Halocaridina wrote:http://shrimpmart.bigcartel.com/product ... ll-portion
Not sure what this "angel hair moss" is. Has anyone tried it?

That is hair algae, I have lots you may have for free if you would like some sending. Once you have t in your tank you need to stay on top of it as it grows fast and can start to take over the place.

@Marko2 i have a feeling macro algae will be available soonish hehe :grinning:
 #3554  by Chocy
 24 Jul 2017 13:44

does anybody in Singapore has this hair algae ? I wouldn't mind paying for it though.
I would like to try putting into my smaller tank.

 #3567  by odin
 25 Jul 2017 19:31
Hello @Chocy ! Welcome to our forum, the algae you are talking about in this topic is normal hair algae that grows in most fresh water tanks too, I purchased several Nerite snails from a store that had them in freshwater tanks and after a while i started getting hair algae growing in my bracish tank..... It must of hitched a ride in on the snails or the water in the bag so this is somthing you can try or maybe slowly aclimate some fresh water hair algae to brackish. But be warned if you have high neutrients or feed often this will take over your tank and is a pain to remove it all.
 #3582  by Vorteil
 26 Jul 2017 07:48
Here's a pic of the one I purchased from Petshrimp. It grew very fast & is meant for brackish water. Believe me I tried another one that lasted a week and then just died off. The first tank is the original macroalgae & the second tank is some I broke off a week ago.


Added in 8 minutes 43 seconds:
Keep in mind what Petshrimp sent me was very small. Due to the excess of nutrients in my tank the macroalgae grew very fast. It was a huge help in controling both hair algae and some brown algae I had. Here's a pic of the algae I had in the tank. As you can see in the current pic it's all gone. I need to mention that I did have issues with my tank to start that I did not do correctly that added to the excess nutrients. Had I not done that It would have turned out like my second tank with no problems to date.
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 #3583  by Chocy
 26 Jul 2017 09:03
Hi @odin ,

Thanks for the welcome, great site ...

didn't know the angel hair moss is actually normal hair algae.... i thought they are different as shrimpmart 'angel hair moss' is so green..
i do have hair algae as well... but its color is dull greenish like these on on shells and thermometer Image

i'm more interested in the macroalgae that Vorteil has.... is their name Chaetomorpha ?
 #3584  by Vorteil
 26 Jul 2017 09:58
It is the Chaetomorpha. I was always picking out the hair algae by hand till it was under control.. Where abouts do you live?
 #3585  by odin
 26 Jul 2017 10:21
Its a different type of chaeto compared to that which is usually kept in marine tank sumps for nutrient export, that stuff is dense and very thick in stature while this macro-algae is thinner and more like wire in description.
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 #3590  by Chocy
 26 Jul 2017 13:26
I live in sunny Singapore... does opae ula or horned nerite snails eat these hair algae ?
 #3591  by odin
 26 Jul 2017 14:18
I had to rip out most of it by hand then the sort of 'stubble/short rough patches' were manageable for the snails to eat and keep on top of. I have Zebra and horned Nerites.