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 #3325  by Vorteil
 28 May 2017 01:31
Pics of my collection of Nerite snails. I currently have 9 snails in my Nano Cube 6.
nerite 10.JPG
nerite 9.JPG
nerite 8.JPG
nerite 7.JPG
nerite 6.JPG
nerite 5.JPG
nerite 3.JPG
nerite 2.JPG
nerite 1.JPG
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 #3331  by odin
 28 May 2017 15:34
Oh wow they are beautiful!!! What type are they? The only Nerites we have here in the UK that are easily accesible are

Horned Zebra Nerites (CLITHON CORONA)
Zebra Nerites (Nerita natalensis)

They are all very nice too but they don't have awesome colours that pop like yours, thanks for the share.