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 #3677  by Beano
 09 Aug 2017 20:16
I noticed my new tank PH which I used distilled water and marine salt to set up still reads a 8.8 PH. Thought it would go down but hasn't. Should I leave it alone or should I get some PH reducing products from the local fish shop. Will 8.8 PH make my opaeula less comfy?
 #3678  by odin
 09 Aug 2017 20:46
That PH is absolutely fine! Dont do anything, I've never been a fan of chemicals/potions myself :laugh: What substrate are you using?
 #3679  by Beano
 09 Aug 2017 21:36
The substrate is a small grain sized black colored and rock like. The packaging said it was PH neutral.....so I am guessing it's the marine salt that may be a bit dense in high ph minerals.
 #3680  by odin
 09 Aug 2017 21:41
Yup that will be it, nothing to worry about at the moment but you may need something to be a PH buffer later along in time as the PH starts to lower by its self (this will take a while though!)
 #3807  by Beano
 01 Sep 2017 06:01
Yesterday, I decided to raise the ph of my cycling tank with a product called seachem marine buffer. My tank Ph was at about 7. The product is supposed to raise ph to 8.3. However after putting the powered into the tank it expanded and made the tank look like a winter wonder land :omg: My question is should dump the water and restart the cycling. I am not sure how to salvage this.
 #3810  by odin
 01 Sep 2017 20:18
Oh wow that is weird indeed! I have read a few posts on a Marine tank forum that shows others having the same problem, i think they came to the conclusion that this product needs to be added to fresh water before salt is added? Im not 100% sure on this but what does your bottle instructions say? I would give it a week or 2 and see if things settle down. If nothing clears up i would start over and would give the buffer in a bottle a miss. Add some crush coral in a shrimp feeding bowl or a lump of Texas holey rock/ocean rock and this will constantly buffer your PH for you.

Let us know how you get on.
 #3817  by Beano
 02 Sep 2017 18:45
I have decided to dump the water. The white powder has not dissolved one bit despite being stirred
 #3818  by odin
 02 Sep 2017 18:48
Fair play to you, thanks for sharing the photo and your experience with it. It will be invaluable to other members.

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 #3826  by Beano
 04 Sep 2017 18:20
No worries....the lesson here is that it's best to go natural with coral rocks or sand