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 #3838  by Priscilla
 06 Sep 2017 05:09

I noticed that the eggs on my shrimp are hanging loose, should I be worried about it? 🤔
 #3839  by Beano
 06 Sep 2017 05:14
I don't think you need to worried. Mine were hanging loose a week+ before they were released. I have 11 small ones now swimming healthily :sidesmile:
 #3843  by odin
 06 Sep 2017 19:13
Sometimes they will get dropped and sometimes they get scooped back up an carried again. All you can do is sit back and wait at this point and dont worry its nothing you have done its just one of those things and usually happens with 1st time berried females frequently. Keep us all updated with your progress though!! :smile:
 #3846  by opae ula related
 06 Sep 2017 19:27
Odin, you seen it get scooped back again and carried again after they dropped?
 #3847  by odin
 06 Sep 2017 19:48
I have seen it when its just hanging out but not when they are strung along at quite some distance from her body (like being dragged over rocks etc)
 #3848  by opae ula related
 07 Sep 2017 01:37
Got it. I misread, I thought you meant they dropped off and carried back.