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 #4534  by tzg
 27 Feb 2018 09:19
Hi guys

im totally new and will have lots of question to ask in the near future.

I bought this to be the main structure for my tank and it has fake moss on it.
Will the shrimps eat the fake moss n die? or is it safe to put this in the tank? I have to wash it with distilled water, do i have to use any other chemical to wash it before putting it into the tank?

Thank u!
 #4535  by odin
 27 Feb 2018 09:57
Hi and welcome to our Opae Ula forum! That ornament looks awesome that’s for sure. If it is sold as an aquarium ornament I don’t see why you will have any issues. As you suggested give it a good scrub with distilled water but don’t use anything else. Rule of thumb is to keep all chemicals and cleaning agents away from your tank and anything that is going into it, the shrimp won’t eat the plastic or moss so no worries there.

There is always a risk putting things into a shrimp tank but hopefully all should be good.

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 #4547  by odin
 01 Mar 2018 16:59
No problem :)

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