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This section is to discuss anything Opae ula shrimp and brackish water related. e.g Nerite snails, algae etc..
 #4617  by odin
 11 Mar 2018 11:12
tzg wrote:Hijack a bit, im setting up a new tank and have washed n setup all my interior decor. If i bought the opaes and brackish water from a seller, can i just pour the brackish water and the shrimps into my new tank right away?
It isn't advisable, i would give it a few weeks minimum to be honest.
 #4619  by tzg
 11 Mar 2018 11:33
do i still need to wait for the nitrogen cycle?
 #4620  by odin
 11 Mar 2018 12:43
Ideally yes you do and this is usually apparent when you get algae growing in your tank/on the walls of the glass.