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 #4627  by Artemis
 11 Mar 2018 15:56
Do you have any tips? My previous batch of eggs and larvae did well. I did a 50% water change in case of contaminants so hopefully I can rule that out for the future.

The second tank is now cycling. I'm thinking of putting the larvae from the next hatch in there so I can watch them grow separately. This tank also has a removable lid and is rectangular, which will make it easier to transfer shrimp in and out. It also has a lovely fake rock with hidey -holes. It's made of marine safe resin and I think it looks lovely.

 #4633  by Artemis
 13 Mar 2018 10:53
Not really news but I spotted a shrimp chowing down on the algae that encrusts the plastic plant. He may be a bit pale (this one always is, even when the others are bright red) but he likes a fresh salad!