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 #2451  by caine
 26 Dec 2016 17:26
Omg. Talk about merry Christmas. I just looked in the aquarium and guess what I found? One berried female? Two? Three? Nope, this photo shows four. But there was one more that didn't want to make the shot. Five! Five berried. Can't wait for the larva that will be clogging the aquarium!


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 #2452  by caine
 26 Dec 2016 17:33
Uh... What? I just took another look. I think I might have seven berried. I mean I saw a couple of times where the males were swimming up a tornado looking for the females, but I never thought there would be seven at one time!

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 #2453  by odin
 26 Dec 2016 17:36
wow thats awesome news! Best X-mas gift ever :laugh: You could get 160 larvae if you are lucky!! What temperature and SG have you got running? Id make a note because you seem to have hit a sweet spot indeed.
 #2458  by caine
 27 Dec 2016 20:54
I finally checked my parameters. spec gravity is 1.014 and temps are 23°C.

I'm running a diy PVC UGF covered with 3-5 mm lava gravel. I have two lava rock piles in the back corners that the zebra & sun nerite snails like to push into and collapse .

I've since reduced feeding a lot. I'm down to once a week or so, alternating between powdered lactobacillus + vitamin C, and pure spirulina powder.

I have some kind of puffy algae growing as well as what looks like it could be cheatomorpha or hair algae
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 #2459  by caine
 27 Dec 2016 20:59
Oh, I'm also running a gravity fed Auto Top Off system that keeps the salinity constant. It never drops nor raises salinity.

Lights go on at 0600h and turn off at 2100h. I'm running two cool white gu10 LEDs over the aquarium. They have 3 emitters at 3w per emitter which results in 9w per gu10 and total of 18w over the aquarium.

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 #2461  by odin
 27 Dec 2016 21:27
Wojtek wrote:Great news! Looks like they really enjoy being in a big tank. I noticed that opaeula are quite active, not a good candidate for tiny overcrowd containers. What is your salinity and temperature? I see 2 different types of macroalgae any one originated from Hawaii?
Thanks for sharing your setup, its always good for helping out other members and aiding in new keepers getting that sweet spot too. Is the auto top off very complex? It sounds it :happy:
 #2465  by caine
 29 Dec 2016 01:01
The ATO is super simple. It uses one float valve, available via Amazon. Some air line and a fresh water (RO/Distilled) reservoir.


The reservoir is kept above the aquarium(s). Mine is 30 gallons. The air line is attached to a weight on one side and sits at the bottom of the reservoir. I run the other end to the aquarium, start a syphon through the air line then pinch off the air line with a binder clip.

Then attach the airline to the float valve. Connect the float valve to your aquarium. Mine is simply just clamped by friction to the edge. Adjust the float so that the valve is right at the shut position. Remove the binder clip to let water run through the air line.

When the water level drops, the valve will open and allow fresh water to trickle in. When the level has reached the original level, it will slow and eventually stop.

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 #2466  by caine
 29 Dec 2016 14:56
During feeding time today I counted 8 berried females. To be honest I'm quite shocked. I wonder if they respond to seasons even though parameters that I have control over have remained stable.

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 #2467  by odin
 29 Dec 2016 18:30
Maybe its to do with the temperature change with the seasons? Either way you are one lucky keeper :happy: The auto top-off looks great, its very similar to how toilets work with what we call the 'ballcock' over here in the UK. Keep the photos of the berried females coming!
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