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 #2089  by Bat
 08 Nov 2016 19:09
Good afternoon, opaeulalovers!

I'm Bat, from Barcelona, Catalonia, (Spain). First question: excuse me my poor english. I promise to improve, hohoh.

I have some experience with non-vertebrates: neocaridina, atyaephyra, crayfish, snails... but this is my first attempt with opae ula. In my country are unknown, except in ecosphere. In fact my opaeula came from Germany, impossible buy here.

It´s a 20 liter aquarium, simple mounting: silica sand and volcano rocks, crushed seashells to keep PH high. Twenty babies. No filter, no heather.

Congrats for this great forum. I try to hang some pic.

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 #2090  by odin
 08 Nov 2016 19:15
Welcome to the Opae ula forums Bat! Hope you find this forum useful and fun to use :happy: :lol:
I can agree with you about being hard to find, here too in the UK they seem very difficult to buy and acquire! Its a shame because they make some great pets. Id love a crayfish but the laws here are very strict and don't let you keep many species. I may apply for a licence to keep some as id love a dwarf species one day. Feel free to share some pics of your tanks in the off-topic section for others too see!

Thanks for the share.
 #2093  by Ann
 08 Nov 2016 21:48
Hi, Bat. Nice to meet you. I like your photos.
Ann :smile:
 #2097  by caine
 08 Nov 2016 22:23
Welcome. Having kept other invertebrates, you'll do just fine with opae ula. They are super resilient shrimps.

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 #2101  by Bat
 09 Nov 2016 19:13
Thanks for the welcome!

And thanks for this forum full of info. I didn't find anything about halocaridina care in spanish webs.

This is the tank. Simple mounting, in comparison with another shrimp projects.

Odin, unfortunately strict laws with foreign crayfish are common in all Europe. Mexican dwarf (cambarellus) are one of the exceptions in Spain. I recommend it to you: beautiful, interesting behavior, easy breeding... and bad guys!

It will be a pleausure share non-vertebrates pics from my other tanks.
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 #2103  by odin
 09 Nov 2016 19:29
All photos are welcomed! I like the simple Opae ula tanks, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask away.
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 #2104  by Ann
 09 Nov 2016 19:33
Hi Bat,
Your tank is so peaceful. I love the way you have arranged it. I used to rescue crayfish from school when they were used in science classes. Fascinating little guys. They were the larger ones. I love the dwarf kind also. This is a great Board. Odin has put in a lot of work. Nice to see you here.
 #2105  by Bat
 09 Nov 2016 20:23
Thanks Ann.

I love crayfish, foreign or native. In aquarium and free. Crabbing when I was baby. Now enjoying alive with my aquatic cam. Look this beautiful eyes of austropotamobius pallipes, pic in the wild.

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