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 #3323  by Vorteil
 27 May 2017 23:42
I like the idea of moving the larvae to a separate tank. I think as time goes by there's going to be too many to try to move. Or it will just take lots of time & patience. I can't wait till I have more. Mine did not start to breed till 6 months later after the initial set up.
 #3326  by Vorteil
 28 May 2017 01:58
I only have my iPhone 6s to take pics & videos. I have an old Canon SLR camera that I may try to use for pics. Your pics are crisp & clear. Sites great. Keep it up.
 #3329  by odin
 28 May 2017 11:22
Some one is releasing some more larvae in the tank this morning as i went to go and check the 3 from yesterday were still ok and present i noticed 2 more new larvae, i know these are new as they still have some what i think is exoskeleton from their mother, its sort of like when shrimps moult but this part must be what attached the larvae to her underside, if you watch newly released larvae they will have this 'skin tag' attached which they will thrash around to remove and shake off. I could be wrong and its part of the egg that is still attached but without further and closer inspection it can only be one of the two.

Here is an example:

 #3342  by odin
 29 May 2017 10:40
There are 11 larvae in the breeder tank this morning including the 3 i missed from the move the other day so i will give it another day or 2 then move them all over to the larvae tank.
 #3345  by odin
 29 May 2017 22:16
17 larvae free floating and 3 left to be released tonight.
 #3352  by odin
 30 May 2017 18:22
I moved 22 larvae over tonight into the larvae tank, one of them i moved over got fired out in the water like a cannon because of the water pressure... i let go too quick on the tube LOL. It seems fine but i bet it feels sick after spinning around like crazy :blush: :sick: :sick: :sick: .
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 #3378  by odin
 04 Jun 2017 11:23
A new batch of larvae is being released again today and i have spotted 2 so far, thought id share a few photos and a few shots of a random berried mom that was close to the front of the tank so grabbed the camera.

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 #3408  by odin
 07 Jun 2017 09:34
I've not seen more then 4 larvae this time around so a very small release indeed!
 #3418  by odin
 10 Jun 2017 15:03
I moved over 5 larvae from this tank to the larvae tank and fed round, there seems to be some berried females getting ready to release some larvae this week. I spotted around 7 berried females today.
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