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 #3628  by odin
 02 Aug 2017 19:57
Counted 36 larvae tonight so far and these guys will be moved to the larvae tank #02 on the weekend. I also spotted these 4 berried momma shrimp on the heater in the 140. :happy:

 #3646  by odin
 04 Aug 2017 15:06
Over 70 larvae this afternoon including those in the above post. I've spotted 10 berried females of which one is still currently releasing larvae.

It's going to be a long shrimp day tomorrow... lol.

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 #3653  by odin
 05 Aug 2017 20:09
All moved over to the 2nd larvae tank! I also fed and topped off the tank with new RO water.
 #3657  by odin
 07 Aug 2017 17:36
Vorteil wrote:So jealous. What are you feeding the babies? How often?

When they are larvae you don't need to feed them, they use an onboard yokesac to feed on. I do feed the shrimp and shrimplets powdered algae.

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 #3659  by odin
 07 Aug 2017 21:53
Once a week, i posted a video you can watch on how i feed below, the tank is HUGE so that amount of food wouldn't be very good for your tank and would have to feed ALOT less so as not to foul your water, theres like 300+ shrimp in this tank.

 #3676  by odin
 09 Aug 2017 19:29
24 New larvae in the 140 liter tank today! This month is going to be crazy busy larvae-wise. I also only have 5 larvae left swimming in the #1 larvae tank and as soon as they are gone then i can start selling some.
 #3681  by odin
 10 Aug 2017 18:51
Around 30 larvae so far and I've capped a few photos of some of the berried females and some larvae! A few you can see releasing their clutch.

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