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 #4227  by odin
 04 Jan 2018 08:00
You too mate!

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 #4253  by odin
 08 Jan 2018 21:25
Topped off, fed and dosed both with biodigest tonight and after 2 - 2.5 weeks the cloudy bacterial bloom has subsided and life goes on in the baby tank.
Photo 08-01-2018, 21 17 36.jpg

Photo 20-12-2017, 19 25 01.jpg
After (now):
Photo 08-01-2018, 21 17 23.jpg
 #4255  by odin
 09 Jan 2018 06:18
For the record there were no water changes etc, i see other members have this issue sometimes.

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 #4258  by odin
 09 Jan 2018 22:21
Spotted 7 berried females in the 1st larvae tank tonight... some literally have only 4 eggs and stuff lol.

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 #4259  by Vorteil
 10 Jan 2018 00:55
Big difference after dosing. I've used biogest before in the past when I started a new tank and every once in awhile I will dose. It's only my 6g that has a sponge filter. The 3g doesn't.
 #4263  by odin
 10 Jan 2018 08:10
Yeah to be honest I dosed with it to keep the water quality good while it seemed to of done a mini cycle from the shrimps growing in size and upping the waste. It’s all caught up now and we had no losses.

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