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 #2226  by odin
 19 Nov 2016 12:35
Underlay mat turned up in the post today! wahoo this is starting to come together now, its going to be a shrimptopia :lol:
 #2231  by odin
 19 Nov 2016 15:09
OMG so much lavarock! It costs soooo much money here in the UK to buy lol (im not jealous in the slightest just a FYI :lol: :nerner: :laugh: ) love it.
 #2236  by odin
 19 Nov 2016 18:44
OK so i moved the larvae and the berried mom over to one of the cubes i am not going to break down or move from the large tank that they were released in. I just hope that they continue to thrive and get released even though i have them in a new tank now. I didn't want the larvae to turn into fully formed baby shrimps in the large tank because i highly doubt i could find them all when i break it down and remove the sand/water on change over. This way i could use my glass shrimp catcher and just cup them while they free float and is easy to do.

I will keep an eye on the berried mom but i fear that any stress or the difference in parameters are too great and cause her issues.
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