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 #2196  by odin
 17 Nov 2016 18:29
Well i finally pushed GO and purchased an upgrade tank for my shrimp, it will replace my larger tank that has the majority of the shrimp in. I purchased this one, it should be here on the 25th of November... Its the tank only so no lights, stand etc and i had to source the glass lid and runners to hold it in place myself which was so hard to find as its sold as a open top tank.... i dont like that idea.


Its 140litres (37 gallons) and 800mm x 400mm x 450mm tall compared to my 67litre it should provide them with more room :smile: It was a steal of a buy so i couldnt say no!

Only thing i need to sort out now is how to attach some lights, in the image its an open top tank so the light bracket sits on the tank edge but when you have the glass lid on it stops you being able to do this. Im not really sure what i can do? maybe suspend a LED light above? I'm also pretty nervous to move all shrimp to one of the 30litre cubes until i have their old tank broken down and replaced with the new one. I have baby shrimp, larvae and berried shrimp and id hate to leave any behind when i remove the sand and stuff or cause the berried ones to drop their eggs from stress. :upset2: :omg: :upset:
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 #2197  by opae ula related
 17 Nov 2016 18:43
Wow, that is going to be huge!!!Image Any place to keep the old one and the new one?

Image Here is an idea to have room for the lights by leaving a gap with these glass holders.
 #2198  by odin
 17 Nov 2016 18:47
I will give that a go! Im going to have to get rid of the old tank as i just dont have the space lol. My tank is on an old solid wood desk and i thought while i have free space on it why not fill it with extra tank :lol:
 #2200  by opae ula related
 17 Nov 2016 19:17
Instead of moving it to the 30l tank, can you siphon enough water to buckets to be able to move it temporarily to the floor? You can filled it back up or use some for the new tank. This way there will be little stress and a lot way easier then catching them with a net. Also I have a technique to catch a few Opae Ula at a time without a net by using a straw. I will record and share when I get the chance. I was thinking a tube like this would work even better.Image. This is the technique- when they eat a pellet like crab cuisine with many opae ula on it, I would slowly place the straw near them and let gravity work. It works well when 10+ or more is on a pellet. I usually catch 5 at a time with just a straw. Less stress than a net.
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 #2202  by odin
 17 Nov 2016 19:22
Thanks for the tip! Its the larger 67litre im breaking down and will be storing all the opae ula from that in the 30litre untill i can swap the large tanks over and then transport them all back again :grin2:
 #2203  by opae ula related
 17 Nov 2016 19:32
Yes, moving the 67l to the floor instead of transporting to the 30l. So it will be only disturbed only once instead of twice. Probably need 2 people. Just an idea since you have berried ones.
 #2204  by odin
 17 Nov 2016 19:34
I agree but id be so scared of the bottom falling out if I lifted it, i'm so nervous now LOL.
 #2210  by odin
 18 Nov 2016 17:17
Purchased the Under matting for the tank to prevent cracks:

5 Ceramic caves i will pile up with the lava-rocks in one corner:

Hopefully these will arrive early next week before the tank turns up. I'm not sure if I'm going to use the old substrate (black sand) or use crushed coral... i'm so torn on which to use, i could even use something completely different but then I wouldn't get to use the beneficial bacteria that has colonised in it. :upset:
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