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 #472  by odin
 30 May 2016 09:23
So after seeing Marko's 20 litre tank in the setup thread i decided i needed another project, I've decided to setup a 20 litre Dennerle shrimp tank and im going to setup this one as minimal as i can, no water additives, no filters, Just a tank with substrate, Light and heater with some rocks.

The items should come in this week and in the days prior i will have to go and buy more RO water :blink:

ive gone with:
Dennerle 20 litre nano tank
Dennerle LED lights (which i already have sitting collecting dust)
Caribsea Kahuna Black Lava Rock
CaribSea crushed coral substrate - white (already own a bag)
AquaEl Comfort Zone Gold Heater 25W (cheapest 25Watt heater i could find while buying lavarock)
Instant ocean marine salt (already own)
RO water

Im going to remove a handful of crushed coral out of my mature cubes which i initially put in the smaller tanks to help buffer the water quicker but now is no longer needed (ocean rock is doing its job) and put it in the substrate of the new tank to add algae and bacteria to speed up the cycling process. I've decided to go with a white substrate with black rock-scape which is the total opposite of my black sand and white rock-scape set-ups previously. I'm interested to know if it will promote breeding or any other changes in behaviour. Plus its an excuse to setup another tank :happy: :lol:

Incoming build thread.
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 #474  by Ann
 30 May 2016 12:40
Now I can't wait. It sounds so interesting. I like the fact you're doing opposite tanks.
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 #477  by odin
 30 May 2016 15:19
I love setting up new tanks, they never seem to stay clean and new looking for long though lol.
 #480  by Ann
 31 May 2016 02:35
That's the power of life. Who needs paintings and other art when you have living art; always dynamic?
Ann :grin:
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 #492  by odin
 31 May 2016 19:38
I picked up 50 litres of RO water today, i think i have MTS like opae ula related suggested :ow: :lol: :grin2: :happy: :wink:
 #496  by Ann
 31 May 2016 22:23
I love it! A room like that is my idea of heaven. :happy:
 #505  by odin
 01 Jun 2016 15:11
Guess what has turned up? just waiting on one more delivery now.

This came from the same place as my other two cubes: http://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/
Great service!
Photo 01-06-2016, 12 55 56.jpg
Photo 01-06-2016, 12 58 14.jpg
 #509  by Ann
 01 Jun 2016 15:53
This is exciting! Nothing like a new tank to cheer up a day.
 #513  by odin
 01 Jun 2016 17:39
I will set all these into a guide/setup and post in the 1st post but here are some shots so far, i ran out of time tonight unfortunately but all i need to do is mess with the heater temperature a bit, add a thermometer and add the salt and give it a good mix. When the salts in i will put the seeded media in and sit and wait :smile:

I had to mess around with the rock formation because the heater looked so out of place just on the glass walls so i moved the lava rock about to make a gap for the heater to slip into. Just a FYI the tank is 25x25cm and the Lava rock is 3KG all together.
Photo 01-06-2016, 12 55 56.jpg
Here comes the tank! Dennerle 20L nano cube.
Photo 01-06-2016, 12 58 17.jpg
Tank shot in its box.
Photo 01-06-2016, 15 46 24.jpg
Light and heater!
Photo 01-06-2016, 15 47 24.jpg
Blacl Lavarock @ 3KG
Photo 01-06-2016, 15 48 20.jpg
Crushed coral substrate.
Photo 01-06-2016, 15 52 11.jpg
Instant ocean marine salt.
Photo 01-06-2016, 15 53 00.jpg
RO water in food grade containers.
Photo 01-06-2016, 15 58 19.jpg
Adding water to clean the new tank.
Photo 01-06-2016, 15 53 54.jpg
Picking a location #01
Photo 01-06-2016, 15 53 31.jpg
Picking location #02
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 03 00.jpg
Washing the crushed coral substrate.
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 15 14.jpg
Adding substrate #01
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 15 37.jpg
Adding substrate #02
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 15 07.jpg
Adding substrate #03
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 14 45.jpg
Washing the Lavarocks
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 24 01.jpg
Just cleaned lavarocks and drained.
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 32 37.jpg
Adding lavarock #01
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 32 47.jpg
Adding lavarock #02
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 42 23.jpg
Reposition lavarocks for heater #01
Photo 01-06-2016, 16 42 34.jpg
Reposition lavarocks for heater #02
Photo 01-06-2016, 17 03 47.jpg
Adding RO water #01
Photo 01-06-2016, 17 03 34.jpg
Adding RO water #02
Photo 01-06-2016, 17 04 11.jpg
So far so good.
Hopefully get this finished tomorrow :smile:
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