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 #515  by odin
 01 Jun 2016 18:53
opae ula related wrote:NICE!
Thankyou! :sidesmile:
 #518  by odin
 01 Jun 2016 20:49
The dust is finally settling, for now :laugh:
Photo 01-06-2016, 19 57 17.jpg
Photo 01-06-2016, 19 57 25.jpg
 #521  by Ann
 02 Jun 2016 02:30
This is fantastic, Odin,
It will definitely help put my setup in order.
Ann :grin2:
 #525  by odin
 02 Jun 2016 10:44
Salt and thermometer have gone in, I'm going to wait a few hours for all the salt to dissolve, test the salinity and then adjust if needed, I put slightly over the amount in question (330 grams into 20L tank) so when it's ready I will no doubt have to remove a cup or more of the tank water and replace it with just a cup of pure RO to dilute the brackish water and retest the salinity. Rinse and repeat until I hit around 1.012 - 1.013.
Photo 02-06-2016, 10 23 44.jpg
Once the salinity is fine I will add the matured substrate to kickstart the cycle!
 #532  by Ann
 02 Jun 2016 16:10
I do like these cubes, also. Now you'll have Ying and Yang tanks.
Ann :upsidedown:
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 #540  by odin
 02 Jun 2016 18:28
I tested the SG/Salinity of the new tank and to my surprise it was WAY under, 1.005! so i dosed the marine salt again, this time adding 400grams and mixing it into the tank directly. I waited a few more hours and tested the SG/Salinity again with my refractometer and it sat around 1.013 - 1.014 so i will leave the tank for a few days and retest. If the salinity is sat on 1.013 then i wont touch the water further, anything over and i will add some pure RO to bring the salinity down a little.

Here is a bad shot of my meter looking through the refractometer, sorry for the quality its so hard lining up a phone camera down a scope making sure enough light is coming in to show the result :lol: Its pretty clear in real life situations.
Photo 02-06-2016, 18 06 57.jpg
I also added one small scoop of matured crushed coral from one of my other tanks to seed the new one, this will reduce the cycle time dramatically.

Note: the tank has had 730grams of Instant ocean salt all together.
 #543  by odin
 02 Jun 2016 19:11
opae ula related wrote:Is this for Alpha Opae Ula?
Close! im having a shuffle around and moving the deep red shrimps into this new tank eventually and this will free up the ready mature tank for some Alphas hopefully.
 #550  by odin
 03 Jun 2016 17:09
3rd June 2016
Ive tested the SG of the new setup today and i get a reading of 1.012 to 1.013, more luck then anything :smile:
The temperature in the tank is 20 deg C and i have dosed the tank with Prodibio Biodigest,
Photo 03-06-2016, 16 37 15.jpg
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