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 #3162  by Halocaridina
 01 May 2017 16:26
In addition another type of green algae has started growing on the large rock, it appears as small green patches similar to the red patches of the red algae.
 #3163  by Halocaridina
 01 May 2017 16:30
I will try the snails again later this month. Have had another nitrate spike lately (not sure of the reason, but I believe it is fueling the green filamentous algae) and want that to clear up first.
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 #3170  by odin
 02 May 2017 18:18
I have a hunch its dead plant matter from the cheato you had.
 #3184  by odin
 05 May 2017 19:11
That's awesome news man! :laugh: :wink: :happy:
 #3293  by AdeDunn
 23 May 2017 10:34
Halocaridina wrote:The green algae between the rocks at the left side of the tank has grown very fast, expanded substantially since I last saw it 6 days ago. It resembles the 'angel hair moss' from this person's video:

I will take a photo later on.
Did you spot the 3 red mangrove pods in that video? :wink: Good to see you have some algae growth going on in yours.
 #3341  by Halocaridina
 28 May 2017 23:34
So I have been busy with exams at university and haven't checked on this tank since when I last posted (5 May). Will be headed back on 3 June. Hopefully it hasn't crashed!
 #3383  by Halocaridina
 04 Jun 2017 17:07
Looks like brown film algae has covered the glass. The green thread algae has grown a little and become somewhat lighter in colour. I saw 1 opae ula at the back, but more may be hiding among the algae and in the rock.
 #3384  by odin
 04 Jun 2017 17:09
Buy a few Nerite snails :smile:
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 #3389  by Halocaridina
 05 Jun 2017 17:09
Went to Pets at Home today. Followed instructions on bag. Float for 15 mins, then add aquarium water to bag, then leave floating for another 15 mins, then introduced snails to tank. Aquarium lights off for an hour more.

One of the snails seems active and with a healthy shell. The other seems much less active and the shell is somewhat damaged. Hopefully they both make it but my hopes aren't so high regarding the second one. In the store I tried to pick two that were hanging off the sides just to be sure they were alive, as a lot of the ones at the bottom seemed dead or empty shells.

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