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 #4518  by Halocaridina
 20 Feb 2018 09:55
I gravel vacuumed and did a 70% water change on Friday, as well as adding more Blue Exit and BioDigest. Will next see the tank on Monday morning. Crossing my fingers that the gravel vac didn't provoke a cloudy white bacterial bloom. I am also getting a new phone tomorrow (my previous one broke) so should have photos on Monday.
 #4642  by odin
 14 Mar 2018 17:21
Welcome to our forum @theelix1 , what exactly do you need help with?
 #4684  by Halocaridina
 17 Mar 2018 21:11
I just got back to the aquarium. The combination of the cyano treatment and the gravel vacuum seems to have cut down the cyano hugely. Now all that is left of that is a few small dots around the tank, which I will try to remove with a second, smaller gravel vac. There is also some debris (assuming it's dead cyano) that I will try to remove at the same time.

The shrimp and snails seem to be active and happy. The water is clear, and there is very little diatom growth.

Although the chaeto is doing well, I think I will add a small marimo moss ball to increase nutrient uptake and thus prevent any further algae growth.
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