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 #1956  by Wander
 28 Oct 2016 14:12
We've all heard of these "Eco spheres" Which contain unspecified (possibly Halocaridina rubra) shrimp.
We've also heard that these "Eco spheres" don't work and are torture for the "poor" shrimp.
Why don't they work and is it possible to build an actual enclosed ecosystem?
The reason why these don't work is most likely that the algae that in included is a form of macro algae which the shrimp cannot eat, the company advertises they can, second is that these spheres come with almost no potential chemical energy this means there is very little biomass aside from the shrimp.
We can clearly see that the only success stories with these spheres is one or two shrimp living after a bunch died. Sometimes they live up to 20 years when the rest died off. This is because when the shrimp died they released their chemical energy and often starts a population of edible algae for the remaining shrimp.
My conclusion is is that the people that work at this company have no idea what they are doing since they are including a not edible algae in an "eco system"

So how do you make an actual ecosystem?
Making an actual ecosystem with shrimp is a bit iffy, some say it works other say it doesn't.
Since shrimp aren't very effective at eating the micro algae that grows on the glass and ornaments of their environment for this post i will keep it at, it probably doesn't work. It might but you are always loosing chemical energy because the shrimp don't eat all the algae.

My creature of choice is the mini Ramshorn snail, this snail is very small >5mm in diameter.
These snails are amazing at eating algae off everything.
The lifespan of these snails is unknown for me at the moment but because they are so small, it doesn't really matter.
They can very easily reproduce and die without throwing off the balance of the system.
This means that if one dies it's shell will dissolve and the body will decompose which will feed the algae and make room for new snails.
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 #1957  by Ann
 28 Oct 2016 14:31
Is there ever an exchange of air between these closed systems and the outside world? To me, if there is no outlet to allow air out and fresh air in, it is a time bomb for a poisonous atmosphere, no matter what is contained within.
 #1958  by Wander
 28 Oct 2016 14:44
There is no link, but i'd like to know your definition of poisonous air?
The only thing that needs to be exchanged is oxygen and co2 which is done by the algae, and the shrimps in the original "Ecosphere" clearly has enough oxygen these shrimp sadly don't have enough food because they cannot eat the hair/macro algae that is included.
I know a lot of people on the internet think they know what they are saying like petshrimp.com etc, i read his explanation and there are mistakes. They don't die of poisoning neither toxic air merely a lack of food.
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 #1959  by odin
 28 Oct 2016 16:25
I would take what you read on petshrimp with a pinch of salt lol, i was banned for suggesting to people to do water changes if the shrimps start acting strange/uncomfortable from spoiled water. :smile:

edit: great post by the way @Wander
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 #1960  by Wander
 28 Oct 2016 16:31
It's sad that there is so much not know about these shrimp and that some sources are not completely correct.
I have seen you pop up everywhere btw! :wink:
Almost every place i go about these shrimp there is an Odin :laugh:
In one place you had another name but i recognized you by your tank :smile: :smile: :smile:
 #1961  by odin
 28 Oct 2016 16:33
I decided to change names and use 'odin' after my puppy died so i used his name so he will live on in memory :sidesmile:
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 #1962  by Ann
 28 Oct 2016 16:45
Exchange of air is necessary for all life. No one can live in a bubble.
 #1964  by opae ula related
 28 Oct 2016 17:21
I can see it working with an established tank and sealing it with proper lighting. One opae ula to a gallon of water would be a safe bet. :wink: :wink:

Anyone find the article/reading about NASA sending our friends to space?
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 #1965  by odin
 28 Oct 2016 17:30
Yup i read about NASA, when i was a young-en i was bought one of these biospheres and it had a big NASA sticker on it advertising that this setup went into space! It was by a company called Beachworld, I think they are still around today.
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