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 #2572  by rfdiaz
 14 Jan 2017 13:52
Just found a new USA seller....
Look at the packaging... Image Image Image
I asked him if he had some algae and he included it and some snails..
I bought my original 10 shrimps from Shrimp Mart net; went i tried to order more their site was down... tried to contact them via email without successImage
Therefore searching for another source... at http://www.aquabid.com/ found Arkadiy.
I contacted him on late November and he explained told me: " USPS is overloaded in view of coming Christmas, so I stopped all my sales at the moment. I’ll start some auctions right after New Year..." that made my wait longer but at the end it was good.Image

Arkadiy replied to all my emails in  an expedite manner. I asked a lot of questions and he replied to all in a very detailed manner...

Following is his replied to my last email:
" Thank you for the update.

I don’t mind you to post a review. J I checked this web site; seems to be
interesting to read.

Counting them is easy. I feed, wait as they swarm over the food, then I
just net them with a large net. Unfortunately, you can do that just once.
After first swipe, they hide for a few hours. J After they are in the net,
I keep the net with frame over the surface and the mesh in the tank, they
pull it out with a quick move. In this case they are spread over the mesh,
not gathered together. Then I just pick them with nail of the left thumb
one by one. It take 2-3 minutes to pick 50+ shrimp. Smaller shrimp are not
counted; then I add some extras.

http://iloveinverts.com/Auctions/Opae%2 ... uction.jpg
This is my tank in my office at work. It’s here for a few years. No plants,
neutral gravel with a lot of red lava rock. No heater, corner sponge
filter, almost no current. Unfortunately, no plants. You may check my
article that I wrote as I started keeping them:
http://fishrimp.net/index.php/articles/ ... dina-rubra
 I should have corrected some info, but it’s still 90% actual.

I keep them for 5-6 years. If I remember right, they started breeding in a
few months, but I started with wild adult shrimp, so it’s irrelevant. I
think they start breeding being 1 year old or so. Allegedly, they live up
to 20 years.


I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to order...

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 #2573  by odin
 14 Jan 2017 17:31
Thats great news, we lost a supplier at shrimpmart but gained another seller! Do you have a link to some of his sales or shop link so i can add him to the sellers/resellers page for others to use? Also do you know if he ships worldwide? Im also interested in the plant do you know what it is? Thanks for sharing.