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 #2987  by AdeDunn
 05 Apr 2017 17:50
Just a little tip I wanted to share with you folks, a trick I learned whilst keeping poison dart frogs a few years back. Aquarium backgrounds are quite expensive usually, but I discovered you can get the exact same effect using a couple of products not directly sold for the purpose.

The first is the DC-Fix self adhesive black vinyl. Cut it to size and when you stick it onto the outside of the tank (use a squeegy to do it without bubbles) it gives a nice black background. The only con is you can't re-use it.

OLD pic:-


The second is vinyl shower privacy screen. This is a static cling film, attached by spraying the glass with water then just placing the film onto the wet glass. Then you just squeeze out the bubbles with a squeegee. You can move it around all you like, take it off, put it back on... Also, if you put a light behind it you getting STUNNING effect for photographs, and it's a fraction of the price of a certain major hobby brand. :wink:


Hope this helps somebody save some money whilst making a tank look good. :grin:

 #2989  by odin
 05 Apr 2017 18:39
Awesome tip! Thanks for the share. :smile:

PS. Where did you buy the cat statue? I really like it.
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