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 #1457  by caine
 03 Oct 2016 23:59
Recently, maybe once a month. But since it's just the coral and shrimps, I only feed once a week nutrient buildup seems stable. But I also run a diy, air driven skimmer. When i had a small fish and had to feed every day, the skimmer was pulling a lot of waste and I had to do water changes every week

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 #1969  by opae ula related
 28 Oct 2016 18:18

Interesting video from NASA.
"At a depth of 600 feet beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet"

Some of the comments are funny. "millions of dollars later, a shrimp video."
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 #1981  by odin
 28 Oct 2016 18:51
Awesome shrimp video, i get the feeling that they will outlive the human race lol.
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