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 #1924  by opae ula related
 27 Oct 2016 00:19
Just a thought. Since boiling water will match the aquarium temperature pretty quickly, what are you thoughts of sucking up boiling water with gravity & a straw and release right where they hang out and making sure no Opae Ula are nearby? to heat them to death :sad: :huh:
 #1939  by Wander
 27 Oct 2016 13:38
I found someone on the internet that said to just not feed for a month or a little longer, the opae ula will do fine but the (things) will die
 #2966  by odin
 02 Apr 2017 13:08
fredanddino wrote:how do they get in in the first place? never seen this before.
I'm not sure, mine just appeared after a while and they seem to grow and have a population boom then die down again and after a while all come back. I've noticed in my larvae tank there are some little white creatures that are different to the ones in the videos here and they don't seem to be attracted to light but rather just move around freely on the tank walls. They are slightly larger and move in short bursts almost like a badly filmed stop motion production :smile: I will try and capture some on camera.
 #2967  by odin
 02 Apr 2017 13:44
Here we go, these are soooo small they are like a pin tip/pinhead but lots of them. This is shot with a macro lens.

And here is a few standard and macro photos (they are the white specks)
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 #3047  by Halocaridina
 09 Apr 2017 23:55
odin wrote:This is how mine behave before they all disappear,

Not sure how to get rid of them though :ow:
Based on movement maybe a type of ostracod? Here is a video, the fast golden-yellow things in this tank are freshwater ostracods, but most ostracods swim around in a similar way and have a similar rounded body shape.