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 #2525  by Opaeforms
 12 Jan 2017 14:42

I've had my aquarium filled for a while and cycling and I've been gradually adding more reef salt. The salt obviously sinks to the bottom when added and then should slowly fully dissolve. All of the salt required has now been added and I've added my Opae Ula. I've noticed that even now, after three days since adding the last salt there seems to be a weird 1cm thick layer at the lowest point of the tank that 'swirls' when disturbed. It looks normal when it's no being disturbed. When the Opae Ula hit this layer they jump up quickly and go on their way. I'm guessing this is just a denser more concentrated layer of salt water? Is this something other people have experienced? Is this something I should be worried about?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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 #2526  by opae ula related
 12 Jan 2017 17:24
Ideally it should of been dissolved by swirling for example before adding the Opae Ula. Shouldn't worry about it now since it will dissolve over time. Post a pic your aquarium when you get the chance. :smile:
 #2528  by odin
 12 Jan 2017 18:56
I agree with @opae ula related its always best to dissolve your salt and wait for it to be totally gone before adding any shrimp or snails if you have to get them in the tank. Just wait and it should clear its self up over time and dissolve. The shrimp will stay away from the locations that are dense i salt but as time passes all will be fine. You cold mix it a little but very very carefully so as not to disturb the shrimp. :happy:
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 #2546  by Opaeforms
 13 Jan 2017 09:09
Thanks for the advice both. I started the tank off as freshwater to allow some dwarf hairgrass to get established before making the tank brackish. The reason I didn't premix the salt was that I was a bit wary of doing a full brackish water change as I thought it might reset the cycling process.... hence adding it slowly in smaller amounts. Hope it dissolves soon!

My Opae Ula were very active for about 24 hours but they are doing a lot of hiding now. Every now and again I'll see one swim around the tank and then go back into the lava rock caves. I've read a bit on these forums and elsewhere about newly added shrimp and I'm hoping that's normal.

I'll be sure to post up some pictures of my tank once they're comfortable!

Thanks! :grin2:
 #2550  by odin
 13 Jan 2017 16:02
It is very normal for the shrimp to be super active and stressed out when first introduced to a strange new home for the first time, now they have settled down they will hide a lot until they favour the water conditions and your tank matures a little more.
 #2617  by Opaeforms
 19 Jan 2017 13:40
Thanks Odin.

I haven't seen any in about 4 days. : :sad: This morning I upped the temperature slightly from around 19 degrees to about 22 and I added a bag of Purigen to make sure it's not because of ammonia/nitrates...

Should they be hiding this much for this long? I don't want to disturb them by having a look under the rocks but also I'd like to know if there are deaths... hmmm

After reading this forum a bit more I also noticed that I should have used distilled/RO water :dead: . I used dechlorinated tap water which had been in the tank for around 3 weeks before adding the shrimp. I think my tap water (with chlorination) may be OK though as I use it for my standard planted fish tank which contains cherry shrimp and they are all completely fine. Any ideas?
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 #2620  by odin
 19 Jan 2017 17:38
I wouldn't worry too much at this point, in small numbers and in the beginning stages of your tank setup these shrimp love to hide. It could be a tank water quality issue but that doesn't mean it's the type of water used, rather the cycle stages. Don't feed them or bother them but stay vigilant especially when it gets darker for them at night as they may venture out. With regards the tap water, I can't say I've ever used it myself but have only read that it's not great to use, depending what your water is like and where you live will have such big differences to its make up and quality I just don't list it to be used. One of our members from Europe has used tap water and had no problems but his water is VERY clean and doesn't have much chlorine etc in it. If the shrimp survive then at least you know... you may get other issues arise though like unsuccessful breeding or larvae deaths when they do breed as they are so delicate and sensitive. It's a roll of the dice to be honest.

Let us know how you get in but don't start moving rocks and upsetting them just yet.

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 #2622  by opae ula related
 19 Jan 2017 18:45
fyi, I use dechlorinated tap water with no issues since the water comes from snow melts
" Here in San Francisco, our delicious tap water comes from pristine snowmelt in Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite National Park"

Opaeforms, you have a picture of your tank and how many do you have? Like Odin said, they love to hide in a new tank.