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 #2874  by fredanddino
 25 Mar 2017 02:55
thanks again for your help.

I did set up a new tank and transfered a part of the shrimp there. So far, they are "fine". I will watch them.

I also did a big water change in the old tank, since I don't know, which option is better. In the old tank is still the active carbon. I also lifted all the rocks and looked under the gravel to remove dead shrimp.

Since I do not know, if paint is the real reason or maybe dying algae due to the rearrangement of the lava rocks, or maybe feeding too much, it's all guessing.
 #2875  by odin
 25 Mar 2017 09:15
Did you find any dead shrimp? Also have you retested the old tanks water since doing the water change? You may need to do more (several).
 #2878  by fredanddino
 25 Mar 2017 23:08
I finally transferred all shrimp to the new tank, since it seems, that they were doing better in the new water. (at least I cant see any dead shrimp so far)

in the old tank, there were some dead shrimp and lots of molts (exuviae). it took me some hours to get all of the shrimp out, everytime I take a look, there is another one swimming around, that had been hiding too well.

But I put the last couple of shrimp in an extra tank, because it was so stressfull to get them out and I want to have an easy access in case that more of them die.

Another theory came up, since we had the water tested: maybe the salinity was a bit too high - it was about 1.020 and I read somewhere, that 1.022 is the maximum.

I really want to know what went wrong, I surely dont wanna make this mistake again (in case, they will survive this).

I did not retest the water, since the petshop was doing it and I finally transferred them all to the new water.
 #2880  by odin
 26 Mar 2017 12:19
The salinity will stress them out if pretty high but it wont kill them, keep an eye on the shrimp in the new tank and wait to see if you get any more deaths. If you do then do a 50% water change in the new tank too. You will need to tackle the old tank if you are going to reuse the substrate and rocks etc, or are you going the throw it out and clean the tank and buy new stuff?
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 #2884  by fredanddino
 26 Mar 2017 22:56
I don't know, what "tackle" means, I guess it means to clean/"desinfect" the substrate? Anyway, I already threw away the substrate.
But I really have a lot of rocks and I am not really sure what to do with them. They are drying now and I intended to clean them in order to get rid of the algae (and perhaps any toxic stuff). I have not decided if I will use them again. I prefer to be on the safe side and buy new one (which I already did).

Why should I do another water change in the new tank since the water is new? I thought to leave them alone for a couple of days at least, would be best, because some of them are still molding.

I wonder - it was the idea of the petshop guy - if it could be parasites? I thought, it is impossible, because I didn't bring in "foreign shrimp". But so far, I didn't find any information on parasites.
 #2887  by fredanddino
 27 Mar 2017 10:57
I finally managed to take a picture.
Apart from the missing extremities - do you see the Little "knobs" at the end? Is it "just" because the extremities are damaged or could it be parasites?
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 #2889  by odin
 27 Mar 2017 19:36
I said water changes in the new tank just in case any of the polluted water made it over to the new tank, with regards the lumps on the shrimps legs and stuff i don't think its a parasite. How are the shrimp doing in the new tank?
 #2891  by fredanddino
 27 Mar 2017 23:29
they are still molting. Right now I saw some dead ones, too.

additional to the big tank (30l) with most of the shrimp inside, I have 3 small jars (each of them less than 1l) and the shrimp in there seem to do better, altought it is the same water.
 #2892  by fredanddino
 28 Mar 2017 00:59
another question: since there was no time to let the tank cycle, I do have to Keep an eye on nitrate, don't I?
and maybe be extra careful with adding food?
and also doing water changes regularly during the next weeks in order to get any nitrite/nitrate out?

I bought the mixed water in the petshop and, as I maybe earlier mentioned, they said, "it is ready to put in fish". But I read, that the bacteria don't float in the water, but mainly live on the Substrate and rocks and in the filter, is it true?
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