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Tank leak on larvae tank! :(

PostPosted:04 Sep 2017 19:10
by odin
So larvae tank #02 which i am currently putting all larvae in from my main breeding tank has sprung a leak and its out of warranty by 3 weeks LOL. Its a really slow leak so i may just leave it until the larvae and baby's are big enough to transport safely and easy to catch then move them to larvae tank #01 and buy a new tank to replace this old one. This is really going to mess up my selling of the other shrimps in tank #01 if i have to start putting the larvae in that one again. ARGH :angry:

I'm more gutted its ruined my stand to by getting under the laminated layer (salt water is hella good at eating into things), i only checked on these tanks on Saturday and by Monday i noticed the leak.... major headache to say the least.



Re: Tank leak on larvae tank! :(

PostPosted:06 Sep 2017 19:14
by odin
New replacement tank has been ordered and will be with me soon, im not sure if i am going to swap the tanks over strait away but i may wait for the larvae to morph into shrimps and gain some size first just to lower the level of deaths when they are being moved.

Re: Tank leak on larvae tank! :(

PostPosted:09 Sep 2017 08:56
by odin
The new tank has arrived! I also removed the black tank back ground from the old tank so i could get a better look into where the leak may be. Well its been 2 days and the leak seems to of stopped?! I have no idea what is up with that but there WAS a leak somewhere lol.