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 #462  by Ann
 29 May 2016 12:34
I was wondering if the RO water that is left over becomes stale. You can keep regular bottled water just so long before it becomes unfit to drink.
 #463  by odin
 29 May 2016 12:40
Good question Ann, i thought the same thing and couldn't really find anything online about this apart from making sure the containers you are using are 'food grade' clean of dirt, air tight when closed and kept out of direct sunlight. Also don't store it near chemicals or anything else that could leak into it. I have had RO water that's 2 - 3 months old and after a topoff the tank has been absolutely fine for the shrimp.

You can buy smaller containers, you don't have to buy big 25litre drums, most shops will let you fill up a large soda bottle sized container with RO water which should last you months for topoffs.

i know i didn't answer the question, being water it doesn't really have a 'use by date' but id probably only keep the water for 3 months before pouring it away and refilling it with fresh RO.
 #464  by Ann
 29 May 2016 13:12
You answered the question quite well. I should probably store in glass containers. I don't know what they come because I never bought RO water.
 #465  by odin
 29 May 2016 13:18
You usually provide your own containers, and just walk into the fish store and ask them to fill what ever you take in with RO water. Its a great service because not everyone has the space to buy their own RO water unit at home to make their own.
 #466  by Ann
 19 Jun 2016 03:01
Ooooooohhhhhh! Can tell that I never bought RO water LOL
Thanks, Odin
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 #1497  by fredanddino
 06 Oct 2016 22:23

I am using distilled water, the same you use for batteries, electric irons and so forth.
You can buy it in the supermarket.

I dont know about RO water, but I read somewhere, that direct sunlight is good, because it kills bacteria. but I think, you could also boil it.
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 #1504  by Ann
 07 Oct 2016 02:46
Thank you for the reply. Direct sunlight and boiling sound like great ideas!
Ann :grin: