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 #10004  by ndrewtan
Hi all, just wants to share with anyone who is interested because I couldn't find much resources about this specific set up. Been running a tank of purely marrimo and opae ula shrimp for 9 months. No filter, no pump. Only feeding spirulina and pellets every few days, and topping up of RO water every time the water goes down about 5mm.

Opae ula are thriving. They went into 3 breeding cycles where my opae ula went from 15 to maybe close to a hundred now. They have stopped breeding probably due to the tank population limit.

Goal of my experiment was to see if the marrimo was sufficient to generate enough oxygen and remove nitrates and nitrites from the water. It seems like its fine.
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 #10005  by odin
Wow that sure looks a great setup you have! Yeah Marimo seem to do fine in Opae ula tanks, it’s just some Opae ula websites and forums state they won’t work so they can sell their more expensive products unfortunately.

Keep us all updated on your Marimo journey! :)

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 #10017  by Vorteil
I have this algae covering my rocks that looks similar to OP's.
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