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 #9358  by Johnny Max
 18 Sep 2020 14:14
Has anyone ever experimented with different salinity when breeding Opae Ula?
I was wondering if a barried female would do better in higher salinity.
I base this on reading about how they behave in the wild.
I read that the barried females move down into the cracks and crevices when barried.
The vary nature of their native environment would suggest that they are going into higher salinity.
I have tried to breed Amano shrimp with some success, but had to add salt.
Just a thought...
 #9362  by odin
 19 Sep 2020 20:02
Welcome to the forum! I have played around with salinity but stable and temperature is more important to get them breeding... in my experience :grin3:
 #9375  by Vorteil
 20 Sep 2020 08:55
I feel that cooler temperatures are a key factor. Keep the tanks temps under 80 degrees. I feel at 84+ degrees the babies die. My ideal temp is 70 but that's not easy to do. Undisturbed, no filter, no aeration....