A dedicated forum and online store for the Opae ula shrimp! 

This section is to discuss anything Opae ula shrimp and brackish water related. e.g Nerite snails, algae etc..
 #9494  by Johnny Max
 28 Oct 2020 19:18
I have seen Readit, but I never paid much attention to it, because the site is blocked in our office.
I could use my phone.
Do you need a readit app?
I may check it out if they have opae ula info....
 #9519  by odin
 06 Nov 2020 17:04
It’s kind of like the old bbs from the 90’s but modernised, I don’t use it too often but that’s only because my free time is taken up completely, I don’t tend to post much on Facebook groups or Reddit as I like to own the IP of content. Nobody can come along a wipe out all of the information here :)

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