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 #9696  by Johnny Max
I was looking at my tank and noticed what at first glance I though was tiny salt crystals above the water surface.
Well, I put on two pairs of glasses and grabbed a magnifying glass and saw some of them moving. Some squirming and a couple looked like they were crawling. What ever they are, if theY eventually move into the water I will have THOUSANDS of them!
Any idea what they could be? It is brackish water,
Will the shrimp eat them?
Here are a few pictures.
The picture is as clear as I can get them because they are so small.
20210113_100537.jpg (533.23 KiB) Viewed 4636 times
20210113_100544.jpg (636.56 KiB) Viewed 4636 times
20210113_100552.jpg (573.07 KiB) Viewed 4636 times
20210113_103757.jpg (492.94 KiB) Viewed 4636 times
They posted rotated, oh well....
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 #9698  by Shrimpin
Oh my gosh. The stuff of nightmares!! No idea what organism this is but maybe some type of worm?!? I think I’ve seen these in a batch of shrimp I received but I thought it was the shrimps’ poop and did not dump the water that came with the shrimp into the tank. Thank goodness. Waiting to hear from others to see what the cure is.

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 #9701  by Vorteil
Those are not planaria. The typical FW planaria will not live in brackish water. Plus never use any type of medicine whether natural ingredients or not in an opae ula tank. No Planaria is great in the freshwater shrimp tank. I've used it a few time with good results.

For something like this I would do a major water change and wait.
 #9730  by Johnny Max
I bought a usb/bluetooth camera that can magnify up to 1000x and I took pictures of them up close.
What are they?
Snap_140.jpg (92.66 KiB) Viewed 3496 times
Snap_141.jpg (36.53 KiB) Viewed 3496 times
 #9752  by Johnny Max
Nauplius wrote: 10 Feb 2021 10:02 they are just some species of large copepods, harmless.
I Googles copepods and that is what they look like.
But these ae very tine. I can't really see them without magnification.
The pictures were magnified 10,000 time.
I wonder if the shrimp eat them?
 #9760  by Nauplius
Most of copepods are detritivores, so they would eat shrimp faeces and other decaying organic matter as well as algae. The typical copepod size is 0.5 to 15 mm but there are much bigger deep water species. From your picture it seems that your copepods are trying to escape from your tank, perhaps you added some algae/rock/sand taken from marine environment so they hijacked in your tank on that object, but the salinity is not perfect for the particular species and they are trying to escape.