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 #4541  by odin
 28 Feb 2018 18:07
When i was around 16 my then girlfriend purchased one of these for my birthday:
Cf7tcbyUYAAqbl6.jpg (15.58 KiB) Viewed 1780 times
I cant fully blame her because i wanted one for ages and the shrimp survived/lasted for around 2 years, once they died i used the ball as an ornament but my dog knocked it over and it smashed on the floor. I wanted to know for ages what the shrimp were but i couldn't find any information online at the time as that was about 17 years ago. At around 2015 i looked into these shrimp again and found what they were and had to get some so i did my research and with some trial and error i got a decent amount of happy and breeding Opae ula shrimp! I already had freshwater shrimp for a number of years previously so i wasn't 'new' to keeping shrimp.

It wasn't the easy factor to keeping these shrimp that made them so attractive to keep but how long they live for and how adaptable they are and i found this amazing. Not many people in the UK keep this shrimp and they were incredibly hard to source over here so that is where i thought id do my part and help get these guys available for everyone in the UK to enjoy. With their numbers dwindling in the wild i think its important to keep this species alive. :happy:
 #4542  by opae ula related
 28 Feb 2018 20:30
Odin, I originally saw them in ecospheres in a store called Sharper Image in the states a long time ago (around 20+ years ago is best guess) but they were too expensive but thought they were so neat. On a trip to Oahu a few yrs back, I purchased some at the Shirokiya in the Ala Moana mall and brought them back on a plane. That was the beginning...
 #4543  by odin
 28 Feb 2018 21:29
Oh yeah the spheres were very expansive, this one was around £120 all those years back and only had around 5 shrimp in it!!!

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 #4548  by Vorteil
 01 Mar 2018 17:07
Sushi. Just sprinkle a bunch on top of rice or raw and down the hatch. :cry:

Actually mines the same as opae ula related. Also saw them in a huge ecosphere at Disney World in Florida.
 #4559  by odin
 03 Mar 2018 19:00
opae ula related wrote:$730!! Forget Ebay... ha
i know right! i should put my prices up :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
 #4801  by Rey
 28 Mar 2018 17:52
I bought my first opea ula shrimp like 10 years ago and fed them to my seahorses. Now I feel so bad about it. Lol.
 #4802  by odin
 28 Mar 2018 20:04
Rey wrote:I bought my first opea ula shrimp like 10 years ago and fed them to my seahorses. Now I feel so bad about it. Lol.
Expensive food source now a days, i've seen on some sea horse forums some people wanting to breed these for food but not having success, i guess they think they will breed prolifically and readily as cherry shrimp.