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 #4851  by QDanT
 05 Apr 2018 11:36
odin wrote:That looks pretty cool and i've not seen them before!
Using a patented method, Söchting Oxydators produce normal and activated oxygen in the aquarium by means of Oxydator solution and special ceramic catalysts. The activated oxygen decomposes particularly putrid matters and toxicants and, thus essentially improves the well-being of fish and plants. Pure oxygen created by the Söchting Oxydator is mostly immediately dissolved in the water, so that there are hardly any bubbles produced.
Due to the Oxydator's oxidizing capacity, the water quality will be improved and harmful contaminants in the water will be neutralised and In the summer, it is effective at fighting algae. The benefits of adding hydrogen peroxide to an aquarium in cases of acute oxygen deficiency, water putrefaction and water turbidity, have been known for a long time.
New is the continuous and critically higher dose of hydrogen peroxide, which the Söchting Oxydator decomposes into oxygen (O2) and water (H2O).
Your aquarium's water quality will be fundamentally improved and problems such as those aforementioned will be greatly hindered. The Söchting Oxydator breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen: 2 H2O2 --> 2 H2O + O2.

Pro Shrimp's comment:

We are using these in all of our tanks. Shrimp become visibly more active and agile, water becomes clearer. They are a great weapon against overheating in summer, because they constantly supply the water with pure oxygen. One Mini Oxydator is enough for up to 60L water volume (use 1 catalyst for tanks of less than 30L). You can use several Oxydators for bigger tanks. One filling of solution will last between 2-4 weeks (depending on temperator, number of catalysts and used solution). The oxydator will be delivered with enough solution for 6 refills. Additional solution is available in refill packs. Catalysts will never be used up, so you won't need to replace these.

Note: At the beginning the Oxydator solution will be used up quicker until the correct oxygen level has been established. After that the manufacturer data of 2-4 weeks will be correct.
quote from :-
https://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/sochting-o ... 25204.html

If you don't want to buy the refill bottles of Oxydator solution
https://www.chemist.co.uk/care-200ml-hy ... ution.html
I did read they're used when transporting fish etc. but didn't save the link
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 #4854  by odin
 05 Apr 2018 12:03
I'd like to hear your experiences when you have some feedback with how your shrimp react to it.
 #4860  by QDanT
 06 Apr 2018 11:54
odin wrote: 05 Apr 2018 12:03 I'd like to hear your experiences when you have some feedback with how your shrimp react to it.
I'll no doubt be posting photos etc. but don't forget up untill the begining of February I'd never heard of Opeaula :what:
and seen as the Soching Oxydator went into the tank a couple of days before the Shrimp I've no reference of keeping them without, maybe you and other members will notice something ?
I'm amased how something so small with tiny legs can scoot about the tank so fast, there's always 3 or 4 about - Lava rocks to tank sides to surface to bottom of tank through the Lava rock tubes, they're never still long enough to photo and even if they were they're so small the camera will not focus on them. When they're swimming about they don't mind swimming through the bubble column, I've not seen them on the base yet though :blink:
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 #4861  by odin
 06 Apr 2018 12:53
I know! Tell me about it trying to get good photos! The photos I post are luck based lol. I use an old dslr (Sony nex-5n) and their macro lenses which cost about the same as the camera body lol. You can use extension tubes/rings with a normal lens to get the same effect though and the tubes/rings only cost about £10.

@opae ula related uses a clip on thing for his phones camera and gets some real great photos too!

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 #4862  by QDanT
 06 Apr 2018 16:27
Bamboo/Wood Shrimp sit still for hours Fishing :smile: Camera's an old Cannon powershot A720, plastic battery door hinge wore out now Duck tape, memory card latch wore out SD card Epoxy'd in, but it still works and has a Macro setting
fishing big.jpg
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 #4864  by odin
 06 Apr 2018 20:50
lol sounds like the camera has been in the wars! :smile:
 #4867  by QDanT
 07 Apr 2018 11:57
odin wrote: 06 Apr 2018 20:50 lol sounds like the camera has been in the wars! :smile:
more like 'designed obsolescence' open/ close the battery door a set number of times and the Mickey Mouse plastic hinge fails :angry: then you're supposed to buy a new camera.
We seem to be living in a throw away society ! still didn't focus and it wasn't moving
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 #4873  by odin
 08 Apr 2018 16:12
It looks nice a red from the photo from what i can make out, your wait for the tank to cycle has paid off tremendously.
 #5475  by Algae In Space
 15 Oct 2018 15:31
I am using the Mini Oxydator in my tank since day one. I don't know how it would be without it. But it does nothing against algae. The grow like stupid in my tank :blink: