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This section is to discuss anything Opae ula shrimp and brackish water related. e.g Nerite snails, algae etc..
 #5301  by Opae157
 21 Jun 2018 15:08
Recently I was thinking what type of food to feed my opae then I remembered they eat algae so I took small pebbles and put in brackish water and put out in the sun few jars to culture. How long should I expect before algae start growing. During the day it has sunlight and night there is led ceiling light on whole night so they get quite alot of light.
 #5302  by odin
 21 Jun 2018 18:52
@QDanT Calling QDant! This guy should know a few answers to your questions, i believe he grows his own.
 #5303  by QDanT
 22 Jun 2018 18:12
odin wrote: 21 Jun 2018 18:52 @QDanT Calling QDant! This guy should know a few answers to your questions, i believe he grows his own.
you should have added the word Algae ! I don't want a knock on the door at 04:00 ! :ninja:
Just how I do it, but it seems to work, 2 gallon tank on south facing window sill filled with fresh water from the 70 gallon Front room Amano Shrimp tank, water change, then added a few drops of 'baby bio' plant food for more Nitrate seeded with a small scrape of Algae from the Amano tank less than a week for Algae to start growing on tank sides
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cut some pieces of scrap glass drilled a hole in hung from a stick above the tank with string
xxa.jpg (199.32 KiB) Viewed 971 times
I also hung a Limestone rock in, when this had Algae growing on it, about a week, I transfered it to a jar of SG 1.010 RO Water on the windowsill for my upstairs Opae ula tank
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I don't think Algae self seeds in brackish water but continues to grow when added, here's the jar today I might add another piece of Limestone rock
xxd.JPG (55.73 KiB) Viewed 971 times
the pieces of glass are for one at a time into the Amano shrimp tank
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not knowing any thing this is just how I did it :grin3:
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 #5307  by QDanT
 26 Jun 2018 10:37
this is only my observation you can leave a jar of SG 1.010 and a jar of fresh water in the sun and the fresh water will start to go green (algae) after a few days but the SG 1.010 will still be clear, maybe ? the algae self seeding spores ? need fresh water to start to grow. I don't live by the sea so not much chance of marine algae spores ?
anyway I already had algae growing in a fresh water tank and adding a scrape to both jars saw it start to grow straight away. I did add a few drops of plant food to the water in the jars to add some Nitrate :grin3:
here's how I started back in February
 #5309  by Opae157
 28 Jun 2018 12:57
@QDanT alright bro thx. i put my brackish water jar for 1 week already then still no algae growth. will do what you suggest use a fresh water jar to culture some and migrate them over to brackish water