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 #6630  by opae ula related
 28 Jan 2019 06:21
Arnold wrote:New hardscape coming soon... The good thing to live in a volcanic island free volcanic rocks hahaha
Nice! How do you plan to hardscape?
 #6632  by Arnold
 28 Jan 2019 12:48
Hahaha obelix, in the big rock I also carved it in the back for more hidding places, I had some shells around so perfect for more hidding places they seem to like it
20190128_123127-1.jpg (438.09 KiB) Viewed 1823 times
20190128_123156-1.jpg (392.32 KiB) Viewed 1823 times
The carving
The carving
20190126_143745-1.jpg (1.27 MiB) Viewed 1823 times
 #6636  by odin
 28 Jan 2019 17:52
I wish we had loads of lava rock here so readily available, its very expensive to buy for your tank here in the UK, especially if you want the black rocks.
 #6687  by Arnold
 01 Feb 2019 21:57
The new "scape" I never have been too good doing scapes I usually love jungle look tanks with lot of plants, this scape its just for hidding places, the central bottom rock form a little cave and the hole connects to the top rocks who are also hollow, the shrimps love it, I think I will never going to see them but now they are more secure and go out swiming more
20190201_204241-1-1~2.jpg (843.55 KiB) Viewed 1794 times
20190201_204306-1-1~2.jpg (571.08 KiB) Viewed 1794 times
 #6706  by Arnold
 02 Feb 2019 14:37
Its growing very slowly but growing, the best grower its a marine algae, the big clump in the right side of the rocks that looks like marimo its in fact a marine specie Cladophoropsis menbranacea
 #6729  by Arnold
 03 Feb 2019 23:32
Thanks, im just trying to make something like a anchialine pool biotope with volcanic stone, ditch grass and algae. I also hope to see some breeding action soon
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