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This section is to discuss anything Opae ula shrimp and brackish water related. e.g Nerite snails, algae etc..
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This section is primarily for food reviews I have personally tried and what my opinions of them are. Most websites will say you don't need to feed Opae ula shrimp additional food vs what algae grows in your tank naturally, but I enjoy feeding the shrimp once a week and watch them swarm the food bowl giving me a great oppertunity to take some photos and videos!

So long as your water doesn't foul and you are not over feeding, leaving behind lots of uneaten leftovers then it's perfectly fine to feed them a little extra nutrition.
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ShrimpLab Algae pads
shrimplab-algae-pads-30g.jpg (54.2 KiB) Viewed 16074 times
shrimplab-algae-pads-30g2.jpg (50.48 KiB) Viewed 16074 times
Type: Pad

SHRIMPLAB® Algae is a well balanced main diet for all shrimp. Specially formulated to incorporate all essential amino acids and vitamins which promote healthy development and a robust immune system. All our ingredients are 100% natural.

A. Nodosum (Kelp), Sanitised Rice flour, Spirulina, Dandelion, Soya Flour, Chlorella, Calcium Bentonite, Spinach, Lecithin, Fennel, Nettle, Mustard Seed, Insect Meal, Vitamins, Minerals.


Ive used this food for months and always come back to it if I go to try other foods in my Opae ula tank, It breaks up in the water moderately quickly so its wise to use a feeding dish/bowl with it. I feed one pad in my communal tank which has around 300ish +/- Opae ula shrimp in it, the food gets eaten completely within a hour or two and the shrimps seem to pick up a piece and swim away with it. This is good because everyone gets a bit and its less of a squabble to be fed. Its heavily Algae based and this is perfect food for the Opae ula shrimp.
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SHRIMP essentials - Spirulina powder
GT-essentials-Spirulina-30g_b2.jpg (60.57 KiB) Viewed 16075 times
GT-essentials-Spirulina-30g.jpg (66.69 KiB) Viewed 16075 times
Type: Powder

SHRIMP essentials - Basic Line. From the makers of Spirulina is part of the cyanobacteria genus. In the past it has been referred to as blue green algae. The bacterium contains a high protein content which can greatly accelerate the growth of shrimp.


  • 60% protein
    21% carbohydrate
    4% fat
    6% minerals
This style of food is great if you can get your shrimp to eat from the surface of your water as that's where it sits the majority of time. I usually dip a toothpick into the powder (about 2mm of the end of the pick) and pull it out and tap the stick onto the surface of the water. Some of the powder does slowly sink down but ever so slowly, If you have a lot of shrimp this is OK as it will get eaten but if you only have a few Opae ula and they don't eat it you will not be able to remove the uneaten food afterwords. Its pure algae so you really cant go wrong with it diet wise but be sure to check the use by date as big bag will reach its use by date before you use it all. Keep an eye out for the powder getting white specks/spots in it as this is a sign it has gone bad.

I've read of people taking a small marble sized (or smaller) piece of lava rock, soak it in water then roll it in the algae powder and let it dry. Then when its dropped into your tank at feeding time it will accommodate your shrimps better then waiting for them to learn to eat from the surface.
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BorneoWild Red Ruby
Red_Ruby__46238.1382065053.1280.1280.jpg (36.57 KiB) Viewed 16070 times
Type: Pad

Red Ruby is a specialty food for Red Cherry Shrimps. It enhances growth and promotes vivid redness on the shell

Vitamin A/E/C/B1, FeSO4, ZnSO4, MnSO4, Astaxanthin


I purchased this food as a trial to see if it could benefit the Opae ula shrimp like it does red Cherry shrimp to help bring out their vibrant colours but my Opae ula shrimp came for a look and a poke at it but never ate it. It doesn't break up in the water so it is fairly easy to remove uneaten in one piece but its very expensive and I wont be buying it again.
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Dennerle Shrimp King Complete
6070_ps_i2_shrimpking_complete.png (951.89 KiB) Viewed 16070 times
Dennerle-Garnelen-Futter-Shrimp-King-Complete-Inhalt.jpg (126.04 KiB) Viewed 16070 times
Type: Stick

Containing all the important nutrients, substances needed for growth and vital substances that shrimps need for healthy, balanced growth, vibrant colouring and plentiful reproduction.

Sinking, water-stable feed sticks consisting of 100% natural ingredients for a biologically balanced diet for freshwater dwarf shrimp. Shrimp King Complete contains all the essential nutrients and substances for growth that shrimps need every day. High-quality proteins and essential amino acids from aquatic animals ensure balanced growth. Dietary fibre from various leaves and bark supports healthy digestion.

Vitamins and vital substances from different types of algae and vegetables act as "lubricants" for a functioning metabolism. ß-glucan from yeasts supports the body's own defences. And natural carotinoids promote the full development of species-specific colouring. As a result of the numerous ingredients, each individual feed stick already contains a varied diet. Premium shrimp food made in Germany.

Kelp, insect proteins, dandelion, stinging nettles, spinach, mulberry leaves, chlorella, montmorillonite, Moringa oleifera, rosemary, mannan-oligosaccharides, ß-glucans, flower pollen, turmeric, cinnamon
No artificial colourings or preservatives, no fish meal.

  • 23.1% crude protein
    6.2% crude fat
    9.2% crude fibre
    17.3% crude ash
This food breaks up very fast in water so you need a feeding bowl/dish with it, my shrimps ate bits of it but there was left overs last time I fed half a stick to my tank. Its a pretty cheap and cheerful shrimp food but i wont be buying it again.
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I've got the shrimp lab algae pads - the shrimp grab a claw full then find a quiet place away from the copepods, to munch their 'takeaway'!

My shrimp won't surface feed as yet so the spirulina is only being devoured by the pods - who are all thriving well as you might have guessed.

Really want to try the Red Ruby, but its pretty dear stuff if they won't eat that also. ....
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Kanuha wrote:I've got the shrimp lab algae pads - the shrimp grab a claw full then find a quiet place away from the copepods, to munch their 'takeaway'!

My shrimp won't surface feed as yet so the spirulina is only being devoured by the pods - who are all thriving well as you might have guessed.

Really want to try the Red Ruby, but its pretty dear stuff if they won't eat that also. ....
Mine won't eat it to be honest, I thought it would be good for their red colour but they picked at it and left it. If you want some to try with yours just ask and I can send some.

Shrimplab do quite a few decent foods that look pretty good for Opae ula, algae powder, granuals etc.. May try a few more.
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Haduvokone wrote:I know my Opae Ula haven't arrived yet but i just want to mention one thing about foods!
Shrimp Spirulina is a complete rip off!
You pay way too much, 100% Spirulina from any (stupid) Health store works great two and is exactly the same thing! :sidesmile:
Btw i don't recommend actually consuming the "superfood" since often Spirulina contains compounds carcinogenic to humans :nerner:

I agree, these company's charge at least double for the same product but I don't mind spending £5 on a large tub that will last years :tongue:

Feeding extra isn't always essential if you have a good algae source though, I have a fair few mouths to feed so I like to sprinkle extra food in the tank. Plus it provides me some great photos for the forum as it brings them all out of their hiding spots.
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Now that is a huge bag!!!! That should last you about 10 years :laugh:
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If you feed them be sure to only add like a pin heads amount of the algae to the tank/flask, you don't want to foul the water.