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 #6487  by opae ula related
 15 Jan 2019 19:33
opae ula related wrote: 15 Jan 2019 19:32
Vorteil wrote: 15 Jan 2019 19:28 Where would you get the ocean water? No additives/food?
some lfs sells ocean water. I think Beano tried it with ocean water but it didn't work.
. The food is in the ocean water right.
 #6488  by opae ula related
 15 Jan 2019 21:10
Vorteil wrote:Thinking of ways to try breeding as well even though everyone has tried. I could guess that they babies would need a few weeks to mature once released. What are your thoughts on the following:
    Now if the ML release the babies can they just be transferred directly into salt water? or does this need to be done gradually?
      What about a full salt tank that contains zooplankton and rotifers? Granted you will also have to add food to feed the rotifers and zooplankton.
        Keep a slow airline in the tank. Probably would have to change the water out often due to the die off.
        Missed your first question. Yes transferred to salt water directly to live longer otherwise they die soon in brackish water.
         #6497  by opae ula related
         16 Jan 2019 23:00
        Real ocean water from LFS or if you access to ocean. After a few days they filter feed microscopic foods which we can’t see.
        This video shows an Opae Ula filter feeding.
        I think everyone that tried are feeding things too large for them to eat. I could be wrong. Thinking water movement like the ocean so water doesn’t get stagnate and things dying. Someone with a lot of salt water tank experience is a plus. I am not and could be wrong. In real life, they are in the Hawaiian ocean waters floating around feeding off things in the ocean that is microscopic because the larva is so small themselves. After filter feeding for a while and have molted, they grow a spear to catch prey.
         #6499  by opae ula related
         17 Jan 2019 00:40
        Vorteil wrote:@opae ula related

        You have awesome videos. Makes sense. You would think after all this time somone would have been able to breed the ML successfully by now.
        Not many people tried I think. Maybe you be the first. Only if we had a 300 gallon like this guy full of ocean water from Hawaii Image.