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 #6359  by Arnold
 29 Dec 2018 20:30
Great news in this Christmas holidays I found Ruppia maritima also known as Widgeon grass growing in a brackish pond near the coast, a small pond probably connected to the sea by volcanic tubes just like the anchialine pools of hawai, it were full cover with the ruppia maritima and macroalgae like Ulva sp Sea lettuce. I will try to grow this plant in my Opae tank, this specie is the only plant that grow in the Opae ula biotope, its very adaptable and have a very elegant appareance like a Vallisneria; would be really cool to have all the back of the tank cover with it. Happy holidays to everybody and have a great new year

A similar pond were I found the plant but this more bigger, this is in the island of Lanzarote (charco los ciclos) I live in Tenerife

The plant
ImageRuppia maritima - Ditchgrass, Sea Tassel, Widgeon Grass by Janis Laraine Cossill, en Flickr

The ones that I collected

Also the other day in a pet store they give to me for free this Melanoides tuberculata snails I will try to adapt them to brackish, I already have the regular darker ones but I like more this color strain I think they will pop better with the black volcanic gravel
 #6364  by odin
 30 Dec 2018 10:37
Oh this is awesome, subbed to this topic for sure.
 #6376  by Arnold
 03 Jan 2019 17:03
The plant its kinda rough right now after the aclimating but new buds and roots are developing in the internodes, I was worried if only can grow roots from the rhizome but no; its like a regular stem plant from a freshwater aquarium. The lighting its pretty low only 400 lumens from a 5w led bulb so I dont have great hopes for now. The Malaysian trumpet snails aclimatation were really good they are already popping babies and cleaning very well the tank
 #6467  by Arnold
 12 Jan 2019 16:23
The grass its not growing too much but some stems are shooting new healthy leaves and roots also when I have time I will take some photos with a real camera not my phone. The snails are doing fantastic I had seen several babys and they have make an awesome work cleaning the substrate and the glass. Im hopping with the time that the aquarium developes in something similar to the biotope of the shrimps the anchialine pools of hawai