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 #6909  by Vorteil
 07 Mar 2019 21:36
Just wondering what the lifespan is on metabetaeus lohena aka Alpha Opae Ula? Does anyone here know?
 #6922  by Vorteil
 10 Mar 2019 06:27
Yes the Alpha's came in. These opae are always on the move. Difficult to get pics. I set up a 10 gallon with a sponge filter. They are considered omnivores but I think I'll push to feed every so often. Has anyone seen theirs feeding on algae like the Opae Ula's? Seems like they like to eat flakes and live food. I have more than I need so might sell off a few. Not sure yet.

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 #6925  by zlatan2601
 10 Mar 2019 11:25
How big do these get?
 #6933  by opae ula related
 11 Mar 2019 03:53
Also if you or Odin get the chance, can you measure how long is the biggest one you have? Mine was 15mm.
 #6938  by Vorteil
 12 Mar 2019 21:50
I took my friends whole community of ML. I think there's more then 30. I set up a 10 gallon & probably only see 4-5 at any given time. Not sure about this now. I think I would rather have less in a 3 gallon. I don't want to put the ML with the opae ula. Breed has been going good and I don't want that to stop. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. I have to admit they are a very cool shrimp. Always on the move it seems.