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 #8077  by Owlbit
 22 Jul 2019 19:48
Time to start planning my Fluval Spec V Opae Ula tank. :lol:

Then maybe a something smaller on my desk. Then... :blush:
 #8079  by opae ula related
 22 Jul 2019 23:27
Vorteil wrote:You cannot have just one tank. Totally impossible.

You will come to a realization that there's something special about the opae ula like you have already. The desperation will start to set in on how to get or start another tank. I started with one like everyone else. My wife warned me not to add more tanks. That it always starts with one and before you know it there's too many. I just try to tell her the garage is my area. Same thing as my jars. Started with one and ended up with two. She saw the second one & throught WTF? No way can I add a 3rd but I have one ready. I'm trying to add a second rack in the garage. Granted a total of 6 tanks are for opae ula. The rest is for freshwater shimps that I'm experimenting with. An opae tank or jar is simple. No air, heater, feeding , filtration, or even light if you have an alternative source such as natural light. Once you set up your 2nd one it's all uphill from there.
Vorteil, you need your spouse to get into aquariums! Like this guy. All personal tanks between him and spouse. :)