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 #362  by Ann
 15 May 2016 02:57
Hi Odin,
I have decided to use the 10 gallon ( 37.8541 liter) tank to set up my Opae Ula. I want to buy a set number all at once so I don't have to buy more later and risk introducing disease with a second batch. Do you think that I should buy 10 with hope that they increase the population on their own, or do you think that I should buy 20? Your opinion would be deeply appreciated. Someone once told me that I always think up problems for the future. I guess that my questions reflect that.
 #363  by odin
 15 May 2016 09:30
There is nothing like planning ahead :grin: i'm guilty of that too! Its the last thing on people minds when introducing new fish or shrimp in our case without thinking about disease and contamination! I would go for 20 shrimp in that tank of yours, 10 would look a little sparse and the more shrimp the larger chances of having a good mixture of males and females. It will take years and years for the shrimp numbers to ever outgrow a tank of your size.
 #364  by Ann
 15 May 2016 13:02
Thanks, Odin,
I'm grateful for all your help.