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 #9176  by maineidea
 17 Jun 2020 17:15
Hello, new to this forum here...

I have 15 Opae Ula in a ~2 liter cylindrical vase that seem to be doing quite well for the last 6+ months. Purchased as "captive bred" from Hawaii off of eBay in early December 2019. They usually appear more red than in the picture below when viewed from the side.

Crushed coral/aragonite base is about 10 cm (I keep reef tanks and always use thick substrate), lava rock, Marimo algae balls and a piece of dead black coral for decoration. No evidence of breeding yet but they have molted a couple times and are very active. There's plenty of algae in the tank for them to munch on.

Question--without fail, the shrimp swim clockwise around their cylindrical enclosure. Literally 99% of the time, they are always swimming clockwise and have been for the last 6 months.

Does anyone have a similar setup and do your shrimp exhibit the same behavior? Any southern hemisphere keepers notice their shrimp swimming the opposite direction?!!
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