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 #9550  by xyang074
 11 Nov 2020 01:59
Hi all, I was wondering if limbs and flippers grow back? I've recently received about 50+ Opae Ula and I've noticed that more than a couple of them were missing a leg or two, one is even missing three legs :upset: . I also have another Opae that's missing its left flippers. I'm just super concerned about what the future holds for these guys :/
 #9655  by xyang074
 13 Dec 2020 07:28
Quick update. It's been about a month and all 60 of my opae have survived the initial transfer to their new home and they're doing fine in the jars that I've set up for them. I can second what Shrimp keeper has stated above. I've been observing them and it seems that they all have six legs now. I cannot find a single shrimp that's missing a leg, so I can confirm that they do grow back in about a months time. Also, the poor guy that had half of his flipper missing seems to be growing a new one. It's half the size of its other flipper, so it's getting there. :smile: