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This section is to discuss anything Opae ula shrimp and brackish water related. e.g Nerite snails, algae etc..
 #9806  by Owlbit
 14 Mar 2021 20:30
I like my tiger nerite, but I have to say they have sloppy poops and don't turn the substrate. Plus they can lay eggs which sometimes can look unappealing.

So, I am back to considering trumpet snails. But I am at a loss what the difference between the Tarebia granifera or Melanoides tuberculata when it comes to reproduction or behavior is. I do like the shorter shells of the Tarebia granifera, but is it worse or better than the other one? Anyone have both and can explain them better for me?
 #9808  by Vorteil
 15 Mar 2021 02:45
Neither. Even though I have them in my tanks I wish I never put them in there to begin with. Some tanks the population has gotten out of control to a degree. I guess you can keep an eye out for the population.