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 #4213  by Beano
 28 Dec 2017 16:11
Baby brine shrimp are too large for lohena larvae to feed on. I tried it and the larvae ignored the bbs. I am going to try feeding them with infusoria. The tricky bit is cultivating the infusoria without fouling the water. I guess I understand why the alpha adults breed virtually weekly in my tank....the survival rate of the larvae is terribly bad compared to opae ula larvae.
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 #4328  by odin
 27 Jan 2018 20:44
Weifoong wrote:Hi @odin ,
U 've nice algae growth on your rocks.
How do u grow algae on your rocks?

Hey, that algae is no longer there and the snails finished it off, it seems to grow on ocean rock/Texas hokey rock strait after it starts to cycle but when it was eaten it never came back.

A shame really as it looked awesome didn’t it :(

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 #4330  by odin
 29 Jan 2018 12:22
I don’t think so as I don’t run any filters,

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 #4484  by KarstShrimp
 13 Feb 2018 21:01
Cool! I don't know much about Meta, just thought they had HUGE claws. Do you mind me asking where your Meta came from?
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