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 #10346  by Kuhli new to opae
Day 1 after Crisis(recycled the tank I already wrote it in brackish maintenance sector you can check it out.)Image

Red the opae ula show itself. The water still not so clear(likely due to it is a low cost tank). My Opae ula life now depends on bacteria from lava rock. They feed on algae from there as well as some bacteria.

Anyway do not do something crazy like me. If you do not care about moral please care about budgets, those opae ula are expensive.

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 #10347  by Kuhli new to opae
They are still alive. Laundries and stress in water parameters(or might be their low number) make them come only at night. I only see one of them tho, but sure that another one is still alive.

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 #10360  by odin
It can take a while for the dust to settle, especially with no filter. Best thing to do with these shrimp is to not mess around or interfere too much and they do great!
 #10385  by Kuhli new to opae
-Changed the tank again but with the cycled rock after biofilm forming removed rock and add a new better black lava rock
-Add new carefully washed substrate
-Change the location so they can expose to more indirect sunlight
-Adding 4 more shrimps
- No casualties so far all of them are happy
-Some start to coloring up

Surprisingly, Opae ula can with stand cycling process. However, I aware that even they can it is better to cycle the tank first.
Keeping more shrimp reduce they stress, having substrate and place to hide also cause them to coloring up.Image

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 #10388  by Kuhli new to opae
Cycle a new tank for them, for the bowl, I fed shrimp too much which result in 1 casualty. I moved them to smaller containers, which are now they temporary home. Thai new tank will be cycle for 2-3 weeks or until I see some algae. Will add a lava rock from the left container for kick start.

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