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 #6845  by opae ula related
 25 Feb 2019 01:33
opae ula related wrote:I was able to isolate the berried Alpha in a jar. I also was experimenting to see if the Alpha would eat a opae ula larva (see 1.03 mark) and after 24 hours the larva is still there. So this particular Alpha was not interested but I noticed it was staring at it for the longest time. :what:

Ultimate goal is to video an Alpha larva. :sidesmile:

I see the mom berried again. So just a data point that it was around 2 months from the last time she was berried.
 #7007  by opae ula related
 03 Apr 2019 09:03
Visited a few Anchialine pools in Hawaii. See pic of the salinity and temperature of this pool as I was curious to know.ImageImageImageImageImage

More to come.
 #7009  by opae ula related
 03 Apr 2019 17:15
Algae In Space wrote:Awesome! Did you actualy see Opae Ula in these?

Would be interested in the diversity of conditions :cool:
ImageYes, the ones I visited have opae ula. Here is a screenshot from a video.
Fyi, I dont take any opae ula from the pools.

Of course there are pools with no opae ula like this one near a hotel.Image
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