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 #6507  by tzg
 17 Jan 2019 16:36
congrats vorteil, do u know why some shrimps drop eggs and some manage to hold eggs well?
 #6510  by Vorteil
 17 Jan 2019 17:03

I have no idea. I know or i'm guessing mine drop their eggs from time to time. I'll see berried females but no babies over time. I would say my jar has been the most successful compared to my tanks based on the opae ratio. Maybe this is due to the jars being consistent. I never move it or feed it. I open it twice a month. It sits next to a window year round. I'm sure the opae in these have dropped their eggs from time to time.

I'm just curious when it will reach max population and stop breeding.
 #6516  by odin
 17 Jan 2019 17:56
shrimps need stability, they love it.
 #6527  by tzg
 18 Jan 2019 04:03
time will tell when it reaches its max population, meanwhile we wish u will get there soon! :smile: