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 #7341  by odin
 10 May 2019 15:52
Loverly close up photo that!

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 #7955  by tzg
 11 Jul 2019 18:51
sometimes they love hanging out as much as us do :laugh:
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-12 at 01.48.40.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-12 at 01.48.40.jpeg (126.52 KiB) Viewed 3482 times
 #7956  by Owlbit
 11 Jul 2019 19:00
I suggest making sure the lid is tightly closed and you sleep with one eye open tonight. :ninja:

Seems a bit strange though they gather like that.
 #7958  by odin
 11 Jul 2019 23:10
Power in numbers :D

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 #7959  by Vorteil
 12 Jul 2019 01:16
I would really be careful. Mine do that all the time. I've had them open the top and quite a few have escaped. A single opae no big deal, but in numbers it's a problem. :laugh:
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tank1.JPG (29.68 KiB) Viewed 3465 times
 #7960  by tzg
 12 Jul 2019 04:20
really? how did they manage to escape??? yup i have a lid and i would say they hang out quite often. :smile:
 #7970  by opae ula related
 13 Jul 2019 16:45
tzg wrote:sometimes they love hanging out as much as us do :laugh:
Interesting pic and at the right timing. Does the sun or light shine mainly on that side?
 #7982  by tzg
 15 Jul 2019 18:59
@opae ula related, nope, i dont think it is about the light but i have no other clue as to why they hang out at certain spot as a group like that :smile:
 #7992  by Vorteil
 16 Jul 2019 17:14
When you mentioned this the first thing I thought of was the saying from the movie iRobot
"There have always been ghosts in the machine. Random segments of code, that have grouped together to form unexpected protocols. Unanticipated, these free radicals engender questions of free will, creativity, and even the nature of what we might call the soul. Why is it that when some robots are left in darkness, they will seek out the light? Why is it that when robots are stored in an empty space, they will group together, rather than stand alone? How do we explain this behavior? Random segments of code? Or is it something more? When does a perceptual schematic become consciousness? When does a difference engine become the search for truth? When does a personality simulation become the bitter mote... of a soul?"
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