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 #6135  by tzg
 11 Dec 2018 04:20
Paulao wrote: 10 Dec 2018 01:30 Updates on my tank, still cycling but halfway there. Algaes are growing wild everywhere on glass and rocks, although there are brown colours now but i'm happy to see so
much algae growing.

Ammonia remains at zero,
Nitrite at 1.0ppm "patiently waiting for it to turn to nitrate, understood it takes a longer time"
Nitrate at 10ppm (Huge drop from 80ppm 2days ago)
Water Temp at 28 degrees

2 question, if you can see my black lava rock on the left is lik 3/4 of tank height, if on a later day when i do lets say a 50% water change and that would expose half of my top lava rock to air and not submerge under water for like a good 10minutes, would it be a issue like bacteria/algae will die?

2) If my Nitrate is below 5ppm when nitrite is down to 0, is water change still required?
bro, dont bother testing for nitrate until nitrite is 0, becos nitrate doesnt matter before nitrite is 0 and if you are confident on ammonia, you wana skip that as well, until your nitrite turns 0 then u do a test for all. save ur time, ammonia and nitrate test kit :laugh: